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English version
is available

The book is divided into 60 parts,
each of them is very short and characterized by a song;
pieces by Ennio Morricone
and John Frusciante,
or by Mina and Bryan Adams

or even the Star Trek soundtrack!

Little Italy, the story   of  Arianna, Nik  and Tonio

The story takes place in the
United States, Rome and Sicily.

The storyline is characterized by
the lives of the three protagonist,

their reactions and the consequences these encounters have
on each of them.

In this video: 
English introduction by my voice

My book,
the perfect script for a movie

Elisa Rossi Donati 

Frankie Delano, Stallone's character
in the movie "Avenging Angelo"  has inspired Tonio,
the true love of Arianna.

Part 19 -
Arianna's secret 

Part 57 (Nik) -
The armour of Arianna 

 The Way Your Eyes Twinkle When You Smile
 How I Get Butterflies in My Stomach When You Touch My Hand
 Your Kindness and Compassion to the People Around You

Few, or even very few, are the female characters who appear in my story,
as the main theme, which I wanted to develop with this novel, is represented by 

fatherhood in terms of

becoming a father,
being and behaving like a father 
or pretending to be one.

Arianna is a name of Greek origin, which refers to extreme purity, as she, following a mythological
red string, is bound and binds to herself the men
of her life: her son, her father,

Nik, the American actor of the same age of hers,
Tonio, her father's righthand man, who saw her growing up.

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